About the author…

Victoria Brant 

Born in Lincolnshire in the mid 80’s, Victoria has had the most extraordinary life.  A varied career in marketing and equestrianism, 2 marriages and over 200 horses later and finally she has found her calling as a writer.

Wife to Daddy Carrot and Mother to the four legged children; Pat (the pony) and three cats – Fatsy Kensit, Stinky Fish and Little Man.

Victoria enjoys a glass of  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough Estate and a wedge of Battenburg.  And between working as marketing manager, freelancing as consultant and advertising agent and tending to the daily chores of horse and husband ownership, she has little room to enjoy the wine and cake as much as she would like!

Victoria started the blog ‘Diary of a Wimpy Eventer’ in September 2016 as a way of documenting her progress as she tried to tackle the sport of Eventing.  From the beginning; the blog, the book and every post written is packed full of honesty and the heart warming feeling you get from following her journey leaves you wanting more.

HOW TO GET YOUR LEG OVER – the first of three books in the Wimpy Eventer trilogy has already been awarded three 5* reviews and ‘Book of the Month’ (here) in a national publication.  It is truly unique and guarantees ‘a laugh if nothing else’!

HOW TO STAY ON TOP – the second book in the Wimpy Eventer trilogy has made headlines in the equestrian industry and given so many people, riders and non-riders the confidence to be bold on their own journey.